"PAAYAS" Milk Producer Company

India is the highest milk producing country in the world holding nearly 16% of World milk production share. Most of the milk in India is produced in 14 states which contribute to 92% of total milk produced in India. Amongst these, Rajasthan bags second place. Nearly 30 crore kg of milk is produced in rural India daily. Out of this 48% is kept by the milk producer for home consumption. Rest is marketable surplus out of which only 30% goes to organised milk sector. There are three main players in organized Milk sector viz. Cooperative Milk Unions, Private Companies and Producer Companies. Milk is one of the basic nutrient sources for everyone. For better health of nation organised milk sector is only the key to obtain quality milk.

In India, milk producers are struggling for their valid share in terms of milk price, stake in organisation and livelihood development. Same could be ensured by their direct participation in organised sectors.
This is possible through Producer Companies which accommodate the special characteristics of Cooperative customs with a regulatory framework of Private Ltd. Company. In a Producer Company, only a producer engaged in an activity connected with or related to Milk can participate in the ownership. The members have necessarily to be the primary producers as defined under the Companies Act, 1956. Hence, in order to retain producers™ hold in the Dairy sector, there must be a strong Producer Organisation in the form of Milk Producer Company.

PAAYAS MILK PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED was incorporated on 19th May 2012 under Part IX A of the Companies Act 1956. The company has received overwhelming response From the milk producers who have applied for the membership of the company and resulting that the Company has successfully allotted membership to 72,343 milk producers* of Rajasthan within three years from its incorporation. At present,the company has its oprations in eight districts of Rajasthan and daily harvests average 550,000 litres of fresh raw milk from its producer-members spread over 2,400 villages of Rajasthan#

*# figures as on 14th Sept 2015, in 4th Annual General Meeting

Chairman Note