Fodder Development

In Rajasthan, the green fodder availability is restricted to selected areas and seasons. High population pressure on grazing lands has led to depletion and over exploitation of available grazing lands. In addition, rapid urbanization has led to shrinking of grazing lands. Moreover, with the increasing pressure on land for growing food grains, oil seeds and pulses and diversified use of agriculture residues, the gap between the demand and supply of fodder is increasing. To improve the availability of fodder throughout the year, there is hardly any scope to increase the area under fodder cultivation specifically during summer/lean season due to growing demand of human beings for food, fiber and shelter and also unavailability of ground water. This is also evident from the area under fodder cultivation in the state that is almost constant over last 4 years.


To ensure supply of fodder throughout the year, it is necessary to focus on increasing the productivity of available land under fodder cultivation, improve the efficiency of fodder utilization and minimizing the fodder wastages and also fodder conservation.

Under Fodder Development following activities are being undertaken:
  • Silage Demonstration
  • Mowers Demonstration
  • Biomass Storage Demonstration
  • Fodder Varietal Demonstration
  • Quality Fodder Seed Supply

Silage Making Demonstration

Manual Mower Demonstration: Harvesting of wheat crop

Auto Mower Demonstration