Why Paayas?

Paayas Milk Producer Company Limited works hard to hire and develop an innovative, educated and inspired Team Of employees. If you are interested in being a part of a company that is known for its unique model and attitude towards service in the dairy industry, then we want you to be a part of PMPCL team!

When you join PMPCL, you're telling the world that you're among the best. No matter which department you work in the company, you'll find a culture that's diverse, team-oriented and focused on making a real difference. That's why we offer benefits, training and a work/life balance that few companies can match. We also offer a real career path that will have you learning and growing the minute you start. Begin exploring what it means to build a legacy with PAAYAS.

Team Speaks

Dr. S.K. Yadav, Head - DVC (VBMPS) : "Joining Paayas Milk Producer Company team was one of the best decisions of my career. I enjoy so many aspects of working as a Procurement Specialist for this organization. I like knowing I am valued as a person and as an employee for the experiences I bring in. I also love interacting with each and every one of the diverse individuals who work at Paayas. My job is enjoyable, challenging, and I work with an amazing team of intelligent and passionate individuals."

Dr Anil Agarwal, Breeding Specialist : "Working for Paayas has been one of the best experiences of my life, it has taught me about the person I am and has given me lots of new skills and direction. It has increased my confidence in an easy going relaxed but yet professional environment, while been given all the training and skills needed for the job.

Coming to work every day has been easy and enjoyable because it's not like coming to work it's like coming to see your extended family."

Mukesh Kumar Sharma - Fodder Development Officer : "When I completed my B. Sc (Agri.) and MBA - International Agribusiness Management, I started looking for a job, I wanted a challenge, something that would keep my attention, provide ample opportunities to grow and endless possibilities to learn as much as I can. I have been part of the Paayas family from beginning, and had the opportunity to play best roles in Fodder Development Project across Rajasthan. Fodder development in Rajasthan is a really challengeable job and Paayas has given me the opportunity to leverage what I learned in my studies (technical & management) and apply it to real project challenges.

Mr. Rakesh Raikwar, Dy. Manager  - Animal Nutrition : "The extent of collaboration at PMPCL is amazing. Working within a group of very talented, motivated individuals constantly reminds me of why I chose this job - to be challenged to stretch beyond my comfort zone.Since joining Paayas, I have had several challenging and exciting activities to work in this project of Ration Balancing. My job allows me the unique opportunity to work with diverse people (milk producers). I was always passionate towards working for farmers and their socio-economic development and working in Paayas is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.