Animal Nutrition Products

Cattle Feed:

In Rajasthan, majority of the dairy farmers are practising traditional feeding to their dairy animals. Farmers are feeding compound cattle feed along with other feed ingredients such as cereal grains, brans, chuni & oil cakes to their animals as supplement. In general, farmers are aware about importance of cattle feed but not about quality. There are many cattle feed manufactures are providing cattle feed to farmers but there is no mandatory obligation on suppliers to adhere to BIS standards. To keep tab on the price and giving good profit margins to retailers, there is practice of adding cheaper source of protein (Urea) and other non-nutritive fillers to cattle feed among small feed millers. Keeping in mind the prevailing scenario, Paayas MPC is providing quality animal nutrition inputs to its producer members under brand name “Mudrika” at competitive price. Presently, three products viz. 'Mudrika (BIS Type II)', 'Mudrika Gold' (High Energy) compound cattle feed and 'Mudrika' Rajasthan Specific Mineral Mixture have been made available through its network. Products are being outsourced through reputed suppliers after thorough scrutiny and under strict quality control of Paayas MPC. Many other quality and specific products viz. Calf Starter, Heifer Ration are going to be launched very soon.

This facility is available to Paayas members under “Payment deduction from Milk Bill” so there is no need to pay in cash.



Moisture (Max) 11%
Crude Protein (Min % by mass) 20%
Crude Fat (Min % by mass) 2.5%
Crude Fiber (Max % by mass) 12%
Acid insoluble Ash (Max % by mass) 4%





Mudrika Gold


Moisture (Max) 11%
Crude Protein (Min % by mass) 20%
Crude Fat (Min % by mass) 4%
Crude Fiber (Max % by mass) 10%
Acid insoluble Ash (Max % by mass) 3%


From various research findings, it has been established that feed and fodder are not fulfilling all mineral requirements of animals because soil is deficient in some dietary minerals. However, minerals are considered micronutrient but play very vital role in metabolization of other nutrients. Minerals are required for optimum productivity of dairy animals therefore Paayas has introduced Rajasthan specific mineral mixture under brand name "Mudrika" having only those dietary minerals, which are deficient in soils of the Rajasthan. This formulation is based upon mineral profiling of Rajasthan soils done by NDDB. Thus Paayas ensures supply of deficient minerals to animals at optimum cost.

Area Specific Mineral Mixture


Feeding Instructions

Moisture (%), Max. 5 Milking Cows/Buffaloes
Calcium (%), Min. 22 100 – 200 gm Daily based Milk Yeild
Phosphorus (%), Min. 14 Heifers/ Dry Animal/ Bulls
Sulphur (%), Max. 3 50 gm Daily
Sulphur (%), Min. 3.5 Calves 25– 50 gm Daily
Copper (%), Min. 0.06 *OR as recommended by
Animal Nutritionist/Veterinarian
Zinc (%), Min. 0.7 -
Cobalt (%), Min. 0.014 -
Iodine (%), Min. 0.026 -