Ration Balancing

Ration Balancing Programme (RBP):
The productivity data of different categories of animals and the prevailing feeding practices in area suggest that the productivity of animal is not at par with their genetic potential, which is mainly due to imbalanced feeding. In view of this, ration balancing advisory services in the project area will help in improving the productivity and reproductive efficiency of dairy animals by re appropriating the available feed resources and use of area specific mineral mixture, which will also help in bringing down the cost of milk production.

RBP aims to improve production and reproduction of animals through adoption of scientific method of feeding with provision of technical inputs and services to milk producers at their doorstep, thereby improving milk production efficiency and economic return from dairying.

Branding of Mudrika at MPP

Losses due to imbalanced feeding-
  • Milk production of animals lower than their genetic potential
  • Shorter lactation length and longer calving intervals
  • Poor reproduction performance
  • Animals are more prone to metabolic disorders such as milk fever and ketosis
  • Slow growth in young animals and delayed age at first calving
  • Shorter productive life
  • Excessive amounts of pollutants released into the environment
  • Lower profit to farmers

Ration Balancing Programme Training

Paayas is providing RBP services in about 2700 villages in a phased manner. A village youth, who will be called as Local Resource Person (LRP) is being identified to provide the RBP services at village level. LRP is equipped with net book pre installed with INAPH software and internet connection, so that he can generate the RBP advice at farmers door step. One LRP is providing ration balancing advisory services in two contiguous villages. The LRP is being trained in various processes of ration balancing, INAPH Software, communication with farmers and basics of animal husbandry and management. This will help to increase his confidence to interact with the dairy farmers in better way.

  • Features of RBP :
  • Registration of animals with unique ear tag number
  • Assessing nutritional status of animals
  • Formulating least cost rations using locally available resources 
  • Other advices related to animal nutrition inputs