Artificial Insemination

Paayas Milk producer Company is implementing a sub project plan ‘Pilot Model for Viable AI Delivery Services" under NDP-1 with an objective to deliver quality doorstep AI services adopting standard operating procedures through well trained qualified AI Technicians using top genetics at the doorstep of farmers in order to improve productivity of milch animals, reduce cost of milk production and maximize their income of the farmers

Under the plan, Paayas MPC plans to operate 450 AI centres covering more than 2700 villages in five districts of Rajasthan namely Jaipur, Ajmer, Sikar, Pali and Tonk with project management support from NDDB Dairy Services

Paayas MPC recruits local youths and provide rigorous training to them in Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of AI, in accredited training centers. Apart from giving importance to hygiene while providing AI service, the SOP includes compulsory ear tagging for identification of animals, follow-up after 21-days of insemination for repeat heat, pregnancy diagnosis after 90 days and calving follow-up. After training, candidates are given adequate field exposure, and then provided with necessary equipments and are deployed in field to deliver quality AI Service to the farmers at their doorstep. For providing efficient monitoring and field extension support for breeding service delivery operations, Paayas MPC Mobile AI Technicians (MAITs) are organized into territories with nearly 20 AI centres per territory. A Veterinary Executive manages each territory. A Breeding Specialist provides technical and managerial support to 6-7 Veterinary Executives for efficient service delivery, supervision and monitoring.

To sensitize farmers and systematically educate them on benefits of AI service, and to improve their preference of Paayas MPC AI service for their animals, a well-planned field promotional campaign which involves farmers’ meetings with audio-visual aid, wall-paintings at high visibility areas, distribution of printed material targeted at farmers, demonstration of result through calf-rally etc are carried out. To educate and convince the farmers, each Mobile AI Technician is provided with “Sire Directory” with the pedigree details of the bulls. Understanding that transformation of farmers’ mindset is a slow process, such promotional campaigns are conducted at regular intervals.

To provide animal breeding service to rural consumers, the Mobile AI Technicians are motivated and mandated to provide on call AI service at the farmers’ doorstep. Once contacted for providing AI service, AI Technicians-

  • Checks the animal for heat symptoms on arrival at the farmer’s place
  • If the animal is in heat, provides AI service following the SOP.
  • Fixes an Ear-Tag to the animal’s ear for identification, recording of events and future follow-up.
  • Collects service charge and provides a receipt for the same, with details of the animal owner, the animal inseminated and the bull whose semen doses is used for AI.

As a part of after service support, the MAIT follows up the inseminated animals after 21 days. Those animals, which have not repeated subsequent to AI, are followed up compulsorily for pregnancy diagnosis 3 months after AI at farmer’s doorstep at no additional cost. The animals, which do not conceive even after three consecutive AIs, are declared problem breeders, are treated for infertility by qualified veterinarians who are deployed for every 20 Mobile AI technicians.

Apart from this, Animal identification with ear tags with a common numbering system, at no extra charge to farmers is an important activity that was mostly ignored by other organized breeding programs running in the country. Animal identification, creation and maintenance of computerized database for information processing, 21 day and 90 day follow-up of all animals inseminated, and providing diagnosis and consultancy for infertile animals were hitherto perceived as non-essential and non-value adding activities. However, these actions are necessary- to maintain a nation-wide database of breeding service effectiveness, and serve as an important link with farmers to establish faith of the dairy farmers in AI service.

The unique identification system helps to record basic information of the animal and all events pertaining to artificial insemination and breeding; which are maintained in a computerized database using INAPH Software. The performance of the AI Service delivery system would be monitored on daily basis from AI Technicians using the computerized AI Monitoring System, which provides feedback on different performance parameters such as conception rate (AI Technician- wise, bull-wise, breed-wise, village-wise etc.,), pregnancy diagnosis follow-up rate, animals not pregnant after getting 3rd AI, AI penetration rate in different areas, etc. These reports facilitate quick and informed decision making at different levels to improve operational performance.

To ensure high success rate, thorough training to AI Technicians engaged in field; and focuses on their following strictly the SOP while performing AI at the farmers’ doorstep. To ensure high genetic and physical quality of FSDs, The FSD’s are sourced from Top Frozen Semen centers in India. The best and genetically evaluated bulls from these semen stations, whose fertility is well established, are used in our breeding services.


Doorstep AI Service Delivery following Standard Operating Procedure